Personal Enhancement Series


Personal Enhancement Series is designed to help people live happier and meaningful lives. Excel Minds Consultancy is here to help people attain the next level of success, fulfillment and life improvement.

Excel Minds Consultancy support people by identifying and understanding their challenges, and assisting in the discovery of alternative solutions. Our aspiration is to enhance the quality of life of each person we encounter.

Personal Enhancement Series (PENS)

  • Power Communication

If you are the kind of person who strives for constant and never-ending improvement, the one core skill to master above all others is your ability to communicate effectively. It is the foundation of personal and professional success. The better you are at expressing yourself and understanding others determine where you will go in life. Power Communication introduces you to a new way of understanding and using communication in your life and workplace to achieve outstanding results and greater professional success.

  • Performance Communication For Leaders

Everybody communicates, but does everybody make connections? This course is a great opportunity for leaders to discover effective approaches to connect with subordinates. This will be useful especially in providing constructive feedback to ensure your subordinates stay on the right track towards organizational goals.

  • Presentation Coaching

Do you experience any of these challenges in public presentation? 

    • not sure how to tailor the presentation to fit audience
    • difficulty in constructing outstanding opening
    • uncertain about how to capture and retain audience attention throughout the presentation
    • challenge in closing a presentation with impact

If so, then grab this chance to create and practice a thumbs-up presentation.

Learning Phase

Learning Formula

List of Courses

Language Enhancement Series (LENS)

  • Communicate English with Confidence
  • Essentials of Business Writing
  • English for Workplace Purposes
  • Conversational English
  • English in Action
  • The C.H.A.R.M of Business Writing

Personal Enhancement Series (PENS)

  • Power Communication
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Leading with Questions

Team Enhancement Series (TENS)

  • Pillars of Real Teamwork and Leadership
  • Communication for Leaders

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