What Our Clients Say About Us


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"This programme allowed me to work on an existing supply chain issue with the client and provide a best-practice recommendation.

I was able to merge the tools I learned in the classroom along with my experience to provide the client with a meaningful solution, I highly recommend this programme as the experiences and skills learned specifically during the purchasing field are invaluable."

Nurul Nadia (Shimadzu Mfg Asia Sdn Bhd)

"As I am not involved directly in the supply chain process, I can gain an additional knowledge indirectly through this training and can see how this process occurs in the workplace."

Azmaatul (Shimadzu Mfg Asia Sdn Bhd)

"It was truly great time to spend my days in Excel Minds with the Supply Chain Management Programme.

The lesson given is very detail and suitable for all SME company to really encourage their staff especially in purchasing to join & study.

It will definitely benefit the company to truly know their weakness & to improve themselves to stand firm in all kind of competitive industry."

Choo Teong Sin (Linaco Resources Sdn Bhd)

"I am able to improve my soft skills and to be a better person that company required."
- Nor Dalila Bt Mohd Ramli

"This program is already excellent. This is what I’m looking for. Thank You! ☺"
- Siti Nor Shafini Yusuff

Mindset for Excellence with Mr Isaam on 6, 7, 8 January 2014

"Sangat Excellent! ☺"
- Noor Diana Binti Nasruddin

"Saya dapat mengenalpasti fesyen yang sesuai dengan bentuk muka dan badan saya"

"I really like the color – compatibility chart!"
- Suhaila

Branding Yourself with Mrs Dasyar on 9, 10, 11 January 2014, G1

"It is important to be able to manage our self-expectation in life so we are able to move forward"
Noor Amalina Abd Mutalib

Managing Self & Expectation with Mrs Zetti on 11, 12 January 2014, G1

"Realized that how important networking for my future profession"
Siti Nor Shafini

"I know how to do a networking so that I can help others and also myself"
Nor Dalila

"Learning a lot of things on how to build and maintain the networking"
Nur Afifah

Networking for Success with Mr Razak on 15, 16 January 2014, G1

"If there is a will there is a way! ☺"
- Nuurzahirah Ali

"I learn how to be more proactive and think out of the box"
Idazira Binti Mohamed

Proactive & Creative Thinking with Mr Timothy Law on 18, 19 January 2014, G1

"Through this programme, I have desire to become a guard and best presenter!"
Noor Diana Nasruddin

"I learn a lot throughout this activity. This program might scare us, however the trainer is so cool that helps us to enjoy the program instead of being nervous."
- Asma

Stand Up & Speak with Mr Hilson on 20, 21, 22 January 2014, G1

"Learn a lot, awesome program + trainer ☺"
- Nurzahirah Bt Ali

Market Yourself to be Employed with Mr Hans on 27, 28, 29 January 2014, G1

"Thank you Mrs Mathy. We Love you, communicate with impact really makes me feel better now."
Roziati Marliana

"Improved my communication skills in term of body language, tone, confidence and impact. Suggest to have an interesting topic during ‘mock meeting activity’ overall is excellent! Enjoy every activity!☺"
- Noor Diana Bt Nasruddin

Communicate with Impact with Mrs Mathy on 4, 5, 6 February 2014, G1

"I get a really awesome sharing time with trainer and he gives great knowledge"
Nur Bainun Mohd Zain

Proactive & Creative Thinking with Mr Timothy Law on 9, 10 January 2014, G2

"Know the idea clearly about networking. Hope to have a bit longer time to cover about networking because it's fun"
Nur Atikah

Networking for Success with Mr Razak on 11, 12 January 2014, G2

"I learn how to improve and branding myself. Nice program"
Akmal Farhan Aziz

Branding Yourself with Mrs Dasyar on 15, 16 January 2014, G2

"I learned how to manage my expectation. Good !!! Awesome"
Akmal Farhan Aziz

Managing Self & Expectation with Mrs Zetti on 18, 19 January 2014, G2

"Congratulation! The best presenter I met to talk about resume and interview"
Fadzlin Mardiyana Fauzi

"I learned lots of tips on writing the resume, now can prepare well for interview"
Nurul Jannah Bt Saharon

Market Yourself to be Employed with Mr Hans on 20, 21, 22 January 2014, G2

"I'm becoming more confident to communicate with other peoples, extend this session for 1 week"
- Akmal Farhan Aziz

Communicate with Impact with Mrs Mathy on 27, 28, 29 January 2014, G2

"Amazing tips to improve public speaking and presentation skills"
Mahirah Binti Jazlan

"I am able to stand and speak and try to cover my nervousness"
Hazwani Ismail

Stand Up & Speak with Mr Alex on 4, 5, 6 January 2014, G2

"My confidence level improve after I knew the right ways to communicate"
Muhammad Afiq Bin Makmon

Communicate with Impact with Mrs Mathy on 20, 21, 22 January 2014, G3

"Able to know how to communicate well during interview session with full technique taught by the trainer"
- Nurul Nabila Ismail

"Excellent! Good Trainer"
- Muhammad Helmy Syafiq

PBGE - Batch 3 of 2014

"Dapat belajar cara- cara menambah baik ketrampilan diri semasa sesi temuduga dan bekerja"
- Nur Asilah Salwani Ahmad Sukri

"Best Class ever! Good job! Keep it up!"
Norazwa Bt Mohd Shukri

PBGE - Batch 4 of 2014

"I learnt a lot about grooming & etiquette as well as how to make myself presentable at all time"
- Nor Azmina Abd Aziz

"Give more time to this session!"
Muhammad Syafiq bin Khairulazman

PBGE - Batch 7 of 2014

"My Suggestion - An additional time to make sure students understand in detail about their career"
- Ummul Aieman binti Che Mohd Rozi

"Use diamond as performance, discipline and attitude to market us to the company"
- Naili Syafiqah binti Hadman

DWP - Batch 12

"I can control my emotions and know the right way to deal with people"
- Nur Aili binti Anuar

"I have lot of improvement in social skills"
- Mohamad Shahrizat bin Mohiyar

DWP - Batch 11

"Improvement in my communication and way to interact with people"
- Rusydiah br Ramli @ Ghazali

"How to deal with people, understand another person colour personality"
- Amira Hasmaaiza Mohd Hazis

DWP - Batch 10

"I have learned how to handle or deal with people that have different characters"
- Hazieyatul Affidah Hasnan

DWP - Batch 8

"Learn how to speak politely with teamwork formal way"
- Nurshamizah binti Abd Ghani

DWP - Batch 7

"Effective communication skills and how to deal with people"
- Nurul Izzati Abdul Wahab

DWP - Batch 6

"Improved my Presentation skills"
- Mustakim bin Mahadi

DWP - Batch 5

"The proper way to give a feedback & know how to set the goal"
- Hafizah bin Yamin

DWP - Batch 3

"I know how to answer interview question with more effective, very good trainer and good content, keep it up!"
- Nur Suriati Asmida

WRIS – Batch 11 of 2014

"I am able to write resume better and learn new knowledge regarding interview skill"
- Fasha Hilya binti Mohd Adib

"Learned to prepare an excellent resume and preparation needed for an interview"
- Muhammad Ridhwan bin Mohd Ashari

WRIS – Batch 10 of 2014

"I can create my new resume better and I know how to answer the question in interview"
- Nor Hananisyahida binti Aziz

"I've learnt a lot on how to write a better resume and how to answer during an interview"
- Nor Azmina binti Abd Aziz

WRIS – Batch 7 of 2014

"Understand what inspire is. To continue with the course".
Mohd Zain from Bank Rakyat

"Leaders must create another leaders thus, to develop others need certain skill sets.
Should have at least 3 days. To nurture collaboration more/ act among participants".
Jahliah Mahat from Bank Rakyat

"More info/ knowledge about leadership strategy. Period of the course should be longer".
Pahmi bin Samsudin from Bank Rakyat

Leap to Inspire

"Understanding SUCCESS to achieve high performance for my team. Good and keep it up".
Mohamad Derwish from TM

"I am responsible for any situations that happen to me, family and the company. EPE is an improvement program not punishment".
Mohamad Yusman from TM

Performance Bootcamp

"Attitude change. To invite non-exec staff for this kind of training. (Increase motivation level)".
Zaihiha Ishak from TM

"Attitude, choice, learning, ask, don’t be victims, be responsible. To extend this session to backend team that is supporting CSOC. My team always encountered hard time when dealing with one of the backend team of NOC".
Mohd Idham Nasaruddin Md Salleh from TM

"Dapat meningkatkan lagi mutu perkhidmatan untuk pelanggan. Program ini perlu diteruskan dan diadakan lagi".
Mohd Adnan Mohd Ismail from TM

Boost Up Your Service

"Well prepared! Teacher did a lot of preparation."

Trainer: Safaar, M18, August 1/12

"Well presentation and credit to facilitator who makes the module to be easier to understand, TQ"

"Suggest to be the instructor for module 19"

Trainer: Affan, M15, June 17 & 18 of 2016

"Best trainer among the rest"

"The trainer knowledge is very good, might need some group activity"

Trainer: Affan, M6, 1-18-19

"Good example to explain on the theory and experience share"

"Good trainer among the rest that attended for this module"

"Good sharing and knowledgeable trainer"

"Excellent trainer"

"He is the best trainer so far. He is prepared and well verse of the industry we are in. Examples given are relevant and easily relate"

"Very good trainer, clear info, good example and well manage"

"Good example to explain on the theory and experience share"

Trainer: Affan, M4, Dec 20/21 Dell-Penang